Creating a Backup

To get started creating your first backup, expand the Solid Backups menu from the WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Solid Backups -> Backups then select the Create Backup tab.



2. Select the type of backup to be performed by clicking a backup type (Database Only or Complete (Full) Backup) or a custom Backup Profile.


If you'd like to send your backup to a remote destination like Stash, check the box under the backup profiles.


3. Solid Backups will then display the Status Log of the backup.


Note: You may leave this page and the backup will continue, though possibly with delays between steps.


4. Once the backup has completed, a green checkmark will appear.


5. From here, you can select Send to an offsite destinationDownload backup file or Back to Backups.


For more information on managing Solid Backups remote destinations, visit the Remote Destinations section.

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