The following options are included in the Database section of the Advanced Settings page.




Database method strategy


[Default:  PHP-based] - Normally use PHP-based which supports chunking to support larger databases. Commandline-based database dumps use mysqldump which is very fast and efficient but cannot be broken into smaller steps if it is too large which could result in timeouts on larger servers.  


Skip database dump on backup


[Default:  disabled] - Warning:  This prevents Solid Backups from backing up the database during any kind of backup.  This is for troubleshooting/advanced usage only to work around being unable to backup the database.  


Break out big table dumps into steps


[Default:  enabled] - When enabled, Solid Backups will dump some of the commonly larger tables in separate steps.  Note this only applies to command-line based dumps as PHP-based dumps automatically support chunking with resume on the table and/or row as needed.  


Use separate files per table (when possible)


[Default:  enabled] - When enabled, Solid Backups will dump individual tables to their own database file (eg. wp_options.sql, wp_posts.sql, etc.) when possible based on other criteria such as the dump method and whether breaking out big tables is enabled.  


Compatibility mode max rows per select


[Default:  *blank*] 0 When Solid Backups is using compatibility mode MySQL dumping (via PHP), Solid Backups selects data from the database.  Reducing this number has Solid Backups grab smaller portions from the database at a time.  Leave blank to use the built-in default (around 2000 rows per select).  


Skip max command line length check


[Default:  disabled] - Warning:  Solid Backups attempts to determine your system's maximum command line length to ensure that database operation commands do not get inadvertently cut off.  On some systems, it is not possible to reliably detect this information which could result in falling back into compatibility mode even though the system is capable of running in normal operational modes.  This option instructs Solid Backups to skip the command line length check.  

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