Database Defaults

The Database Defaults section of the General Settings tab allows you to set the default base of database tables to backup, plus specific inclusions and exclusions of tables beyond the wp_base.



Understanding WordPress Database Tables


For more information on WordPress database tables, visit the WordPress Codex Database Description page for an outline and description of the database tables created during a standard installation of WordPress.


Default database tables to backup


This setting determines the default set of database tables to backup. If this WordPress' tables is selected, then only tables with the same prefix (for example wp_ for this installation) will be backed up by default. If all are selected, then all tables will be backed up by default. Additional inclusions & exclusions may be defined in the inclusions and exclusions picker.


Choose from:


  • This WordPress' tables (prefix wp_ ) - [Default] Default WordPress tables with the wp_prefix or the custom prefix of the site.
  • All tables in the database (including non-WordPress) - When this option is enabled, ALL tables and data in the database will be backed up, even database content not related to WordPress, it's content or plugins (based on prefix). This is useful if you have other software installed on your hosting that stores data in your database.
  • None - With this option, BackupBuddy will not backup any of your database tables.  Use this option with caution.  


Inclusions / Exclusions beyond base


Using the picker on the left, choose additional databases tables to include OR exclude IN ADDITION to the DEFAULTS determined by the Default database tables to backup option. You may override defaults with exclusions.


Note: Excluding tables may result in an incomplete or broken backup, so exercise caution.

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