How do I license Solid Security Pro?

To license the Solid Security Pro plugin, log in to your website and go to WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> SolidWP Licensing

Under the Unlicensed Products section, tick the Solid Security Pro checkbox and enter your SolidWP username and password. Then, click the "License Products" button.

SolidWP Licensing ‹ SolidWP Test — WordPress 2023-11-29 at 7.36.12 PM.jpg

Ensure that the Licensed URL is correct and matches your site to avoid having issues with the Site Scanner and automatic updates.

If needed, you can reset the password by going to the Member Panel login page and clicking the "Forgot password?" link.


Patchstack Licensing

If you've purchased a separate Patchstack license and want to enable it, log into the site where the Solid Security Pro plugin is installed and go to the SolidWP Licensing page.

You'll see a Patchstack Enabled Sites section where you need to enter your SolidWP username and password to activate it.

SolidWP Licensing.jpg


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