Solid Security File Change Detection

Even the best security solutions can fail. How do you know if someone gets into your site? You will know because they will change something.


File Change detection will tell you what files have changed in your WordPress installation, alerting you to changes not made by yourself. Unlike other solutions, this plugin will look only at your installation and compare files to the last check instead of comparing them with a remote installation, thereby taking into account whether or not you modify the files yourself.


Enable the File Change detection feature by going to Solid Security > Settings > Features > Site Check > File Change.




File Selector


Exclude files or folders by highlighting the file or folder name and clicking the "Select" button to add to the excluded list.


Excluded Files and Folders


Lists the files and folders you selected using the File Selector. This tells Solid Security what to exclude during the scan or whether the scan should only include the selected files and folders.


Ignore File Types


File types listed here will not be checked for changes. While it is possible to change files such as images, it is quite rare, and nearly all known WordPress attacks exploit PHP, JS, and other text files.


Online Files


The Compare Files Online setting enables online file comparison.


Any time a file on your website belonging to a WordPress core file or a SolidWP plugin/theme is changed, it will get compared with the version on or with a file on the Solid Security server. If the hashes match, it will be a legitimate change, and you will not receive an alert.


This feature only works with WordPress core files, plugins on the directory, and SolidWP plugins and themes.

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