How Do I Release Lockouts?

While being locked out of your site can be frustrating, it means that Solid Security is doing its job. Security doesn't discriminate, if it notices a possible threat, it will defend against it, even if it's your own site. If you do find yourself locked out, we have two options to get you back in. There's a manual method of clearing it and an automated method by using Solid Central, our WordPress management plugin. 


A common support request we receive for Solid Security Pro involves getting locked out after installing Solid Security Pro.



You have several ways to release lockouts, depending on your situation.


1. From the Security Dashboard.


Log in to your site at and go to Solid Security -> Dashboard. Go to your Active Lockouts card and choose the User you wish to unlock, then click the "Release Lockout" button.




2. From phpMyAdmin


If you can't access your wp-admin due to being logged out, you can use phpMyAdmin to release the lockout.


Log in to your hosting cPanel and open phpMyAdmin to open your site’s database.



Locate the correct database for the site where the lockout occurred. Find the table xxxxxx_itsec_lockouts (where xxxxxx is your table prefix).




In this table, look for your IP address. If your IP is included in the table, delete the record with your IP address. Not sure about your IP address?






After deleting the record, check to see if you have access to your site again.


3. From Solid Central


If you use Solid Central, you can also release lockouts by logging into your Solid Central account and clicking on Domain Name -> Security -> Lockouts.



Avoiding Future Lockouts 



The easiest way around that is to go to Security -> Settings -> Features -> Firewall -> Magic Links and enable it. If you're locked out, all you have to do is enter your email address, and you'll receive an email with a login link that automatically releases/bypasses the lockout.


2. Add Your IP to The Authorized Hosts List


The latest version of Solid Security includes the ability to authorize your own IP temporarily.

From the Solid Security Dashboard, visit the Global Settings page from the Configure menu item. Click the Add my current IP to the authorized hosts lists button to prevent locking out your IP address for the next 24 hours. It will still notify you of the situation, but it will not lock you out of your site, allowing you a chance to fix the issue.


Please note that if your IP address changes at any time during the period (such as when you switch locations), you could still inadvertently lock yourself out.


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