Common Problems

  • If you’re testing a WPC button and don’t see stats in the admin area, you may have set the wrong user (you’re an admin and you’re tracking authors, for example).

  • If you’ve set WPC to automatically show up and don’t see the button, you could have selected the wrong content type.

  • If you can’t see any WPC buttons, you may not be logged into WordPress (they only show up for logged-in users).

  • If you can’t see buttons or progress bars, your theme could be blocking our plugin, like Optimize Press and Beaver Builder (neither are supported by our software).

  • If you use a caching plugin, try adding async="true" to any shortcodes, you use to get around it.

  • Make sure you aren’t using curly quotes in shortcodes (this goes for any WP plugin, not just ours. So [wpc_button name=“name”] will not work, whereas [wpc_button name="name"] will work.
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