Logging Level


[Default:  Errors Only] - This option controls how much activity is logged for records or troubleshooting.  Logs may be viewed from the Logs/Other tab on the Settings page.  Additionally, when in Everything/Troubleshooting mode, error emails will contain encrypted troubleshooting data for support.  


Recent Edits Tracking Mode


[Default: Basic] - Adjusts levels of recent edits tracking. Basic tracks posts, pages, media, and plugin changes. Advanced adds tracking for settings/options along with a more detailed dashboard widget.


Temporarily save full backup status logs


[Default:  Checked] - When checked, Solid Backups will temporarily (~10 days) save the complete full backup status log, regardless of the Logging Level setting.  This is useful for troubleshooting passed backups.  View logs by hovering a backup on the Backups page and clicking View Log.


Maximum main log file size


[Default:  10 MB] - If the log file exceeds this size then it will be cleared to prevent if from using too much space.  


Recent remote send stats max age


[Default:  7 days] - Number of days to store recently sent file statistics and logs.  Valid options are 1 to 90 days.


Recent remote send stats max number


[Default:  6 sends] - Maximum number of recently sent file statistics and logs to store.  Valid options are 1 to 25 sends.  


Maximum days to keep recent activity


[Default:  21 days] - Number of days to store recent activity notifications/audits.  

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