Quick Release Updates

BackupBuddy supports what are termed Quick Release updates which, by default, do not automatically show availability.

We use Quick Release updates to add minor enhancements to address particular Customer issues, or to add updates and options to existing functionality.

Unless directed by Support, there is never any particular requirement to install such updates, and all additions will be available in the next notified update.

If you’d like to always have the latest version, or if you are troubleshooting issues on your site, you can easily enable Quick Release updates by doing the following:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > iThemes Licensing (If you have not already done so, enter your iThemes username and password to license the plugin.)
  2. Check the box to enable Quick Release updates.
  3. Save the Settings.


Next, go to Dashboard > Plugins, and you’ll see an available update under BackupBuddy. Click "update now" to update, and you’ll be running the latest Quick Release.


You can turn this setting off at any time if you wish. If you run multiple WordPress sites, you may want to leave one site with Quick Release updates enabled, and test Quick Release updates there prior to adding them to all sites.

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