Installing BackupBuddy on Multisite is different than installing BackupBuddy on Standalone (non-Multisite) sites.

Upload BackupBuddy on Multisite

  • When it comes to Multisite, you upload BackupBuddy as if it were any other plugin being uploaded to Multisite.
    • (Preferred) You can use the WordPress --> Plugins --> Add New --> Upload feature to upload the zip file. Note:  This will only work when you're logged in as the Network Administrator on the top Network site.
    • You can extract the BackupBuddy zip file on your computer and then upload the BackupBuddy folder via FTP to your wp-content/plugins directory.
    • You can use cPanel to upload the plugin to wp-content/plugins directory and then extract it.

Network Activate link under BackupBuddy on the Plugins page.

While BackupBuddy can back up both stand-alone WordPress sites and Multisite installations, it is normally activated differently (strongly recommended! ) on a Multisite network.


  • STANDALONE SITES are individual WordPress installations that are not part of a Multisite Network.
  • MULTISITE NETWORKS refers to the entire Multisite Network installation. Within a Network, there are both individual site admin panels as well as a Network Admin panel which controls the overall network and allows you manage global settings.
  • MULTISITE SITES (or subsites) refer to INDIVIDUAL SITES inside a MULTISITE. This includes the main base site of a network.

The term MULTISITE is used loosely by WordPress to refer to EITHER Multisite Networks OR Multisite Sites OR both. We will try to be as specific as possible for any explanations.
Detailed info on what Multisite is

  • You must add the following line to your wp-config.php to activate these experimental features: define( 'PB_BACKUPBUDDY_MULTISITE_EXPERIMENT', true );" If needed, you can see how to edit the wp-config.php file in this article. 

  • This will enable BackupBuddy for all sites in the Network.

  • This will allow only the Top Network Admin to be able to backup all sites in the Network.

  • Each site admin (the user level below Network Admin) can still export and backup their own single sites (if enabled).


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